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The famous Muthappan (Siva) Temple (Parassinikadavu Madappura) is on the banks of the Valapatanam river.
According to tradition, the main abode of Muthappan was Puralimala near Mattannur. The story goes that Muthappan appeared in the form of a child before one Padikutti Amma. The child had an insatiable appetite for liquor, fish and meat and became a nuisance to the family was therefore turned out from the house.
Armed with a bow and arrow Muthappan wandered from place to place and eventually reached Puralimala. At Kunnathurpadi, on his way to Puralimala, he climbed on to the top of a palmyra tree near the house of one Chandan and drank toddy.
Chandan who happened to arrive on the scene, is said to have been turned into a rock at the gaze of Muthappan. Here Muthappan completely disappeared from the scene and nothing more was heard of completely disappeared from the scene and nothing more was heard of him. It is believed that he came down to Parassinikadavu.
Hotel Sweety
Hotel Sweety
Two numbers executive double rooms for two families.
24 hours check out time
Hotel Sweety
Vegeterian breakfast & lunch OR Vegeterian Dinner and Break fast
4 Adults and 4 Children below age of 10 years
Hotel Sweety
4 Adult and 4 Children below age of 10 year in one car
Package Charges
Hotel Sweety
4 Adult and 4 children below age of 10 years inclusive food, accomodation & travel for sight seeing.
if food is not required Rs 500 can be deducted from the package
Sight Seeing
Hotel Sweety
Sight seeing covers Payyambalam Beach, St. Angeloe's Fort,
Parassinikadavu Temple( for viewing Theyyam )& Pappinissery Snake Park
Hotel Sweety
Cash payment on arrival at Hotel Sweety International Kannur.
Hotel Sweety
Station Road, Kannur. 0497-2708283
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